Moments of Life
The art “Moments of Life” is by Fenneken Francken

Enquiries and Procedures

We are happy to help our clients with their enquiries but we don’t sell ready products. We offer services which are different for every business: for example the procedures/manuals for a small coffee shop in the business area in Singapore would be different from the procedures/manuals for a small SPA resort in New Zealand.

Our fees are based on hourly rates; we charge € 100/hour.

To give you a quotation about our services we do need full detailed information about your business or a draft business plan for a new business.

We respect client’s privacy and keep information about available projects strictly confidential. We don’t provide available information to people making a general inquiry.

If you have an interest to look at the possibility to invest into existing motel or small resort/hotel project please provide us with full details about yourself and a general proof of funds. We also need some information about the sources of your funds.

It is our company policy to perform a full and detailed review of our client information, so as to reduce the risk of accepting or dealing with the a client (or business) in circumstances that may involve money laundering or other criminal activities. We do detailed due diligence and comply with Know Your Client procedures.

We bring a seller and a buyer together and leave to professional lawyers and licensed immigrations agents to finalize your investment and immigration procedures. We can assist you with your business if need be.